• Why Choose Us

  • If you are an employer seeking help to fill your vacancy or vacancies with quality candidates, you have come to the right place.

  • We Take Time to Get to Know You

  • We seek to find out what you are looking for so we can ensure the best match for your vacancy. Let us help you find a doctor or medical professional to match your exact requirements, whether you seek locum staff or candidates interested in long-term or permanent employment.

  • We Know Your Time Is Precious

  • Rest assured, we understand that your time is precious and we only recommend candidates who are right for the role. We work efficiently to match the right candidate to your position, whether your vacancy lies in a public or privately owned health facility or system.

  • We Have an Expert Team of Consultants

  • Our team of consultants can help and advise you wherever your vacancy lies, in public or private healthcare, and whichever specialism it concerns. (We have consultants that specialise in specific areas of medicine).

  • We Take Care of the Administration

  • We deal with all the necessary checks and paperwork and adhere to the highest quality standards. That includes ensuring that candidates have the appropriate references, qualifications, and immigration standards when they come to work for (apply to) you.

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