Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

  • Cosmic Medical collects information from you in order to assist you in finding a job for you or a staff member. The information collected is also used by our business -Cure Home Doctor service for recruitment of doctors. We will keep all of your information in our server and our staff members access it when needed. We will make sure to keep your personal information as much secure as possible and take all necessary measures to protect it. If you want to chat with us about this feel free to contact us via email or phone. Most of your information will be kept electronically and will be issued to our clients electronically in the form of email, fax, messages, or mail. It is important for you to know, these electronic communication/transactions are never risk free and we will take all necessary measures to minimize as much risk as possible.

  • Personal Information we collect includes your email, phone numbers, addresses, registration history, education and experience history etc. We also gather information from you, your references, employers and registration body related to yourself and you as aperson.

  • Main purpose of collecting the information is to make sure that you are suitable for the particular job in Policy of qualification and experience. This will also enable us to represent you in the best possible way to employers. This information also helps us to find out exactly what kind of job you are looking for. We also need to keep all of your information in the file so in future if we find any job for you, we already have necessary information and documentations to speed up the process of employment, and meet the compliance requirement as required by law.

  • We will only collect information which is necessary for us to use in the course of our work. It will be not be used for any unlawful activities, discrimination and any other reason. You always have the right to question us about the information you provided to us.

  • Your information will be disclosed to our clients, hospital, doctors, general practices, and health services including staff of Cure Home Doctor Service (98606969742). This information will also be disclosed to your referee, insurance company, IT and data base manager. These Contractors or suppliers can be offshore.

  • If you ever feel uncomfortable in disclosing your information to somebody, we strongly suggest you to speak to us and advise us that you don’t want your information to be disclosed. We may ask you the reasons and decide mutually what should be the best course of action because without disclosing certain information we may not be able to represent you the best to our clients. In some cases we may even have to decline your application. As mentioned above we will take all necessary precautions to ensure your information is kept safe and confidential. For any queries please feel free to contact us via email or phone.

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